Short-Form Video Ads.. That Actually Sell

We'll outperform your current short-form video ads within 90 days or we keep working at no extra cost until we do

Why Clipsity?

We make video ads that actually sell

No more guessing whether your creatives will perform or not 🤔
AI Powered Creative Research + The MDR Framework + Iterative Testing = ⬇️ CPA and ⬆️ ROAS

We're in it for the long-term

If you don't make money, we don't make money. We’re your creative partners, in it for the long haul 🤝
We split-test different video and copy variations, keep a close eye on the metrics and then double down on what works.

We scale effortlessly

Short-form video creative fatigues fast and it's challenging for brands to produce a large amount of video content in-house.
Thanks to our internal systems, tools and a dedicated team we can help you scale up fast, while staying on budget 🤑

AI powered creative research

First we extract thousands of datapoints from:✅ Reviews and surveys
✅ Online comments
✅ Client's ads manager
✅ Competitors ads
✅ Organic content
We then run the data through our fine-tuned AI models and use the insights to feed our creative concepts.

Essentially what this means is we break down each ad into unique, direct-response elements.For example:
1️⃣ Hook
2️⃣ Problem
3️⃣ Failed Solution
4️⃣ Product Intro
5️⃣ Features and USP
6️⃣ Demo
7️⃣ Desired End Result
8️⃣ CTA
This allows us to split-test different variations and find winning elements.

The Modular
Direct-Response (MDR) Framework

Iterative Testing

We analyze winning and losing ads and cross-reference them to find common elements.This is where the MDR Framework comes in handy. For example, we might notice that Hook #2 and Product Intro #3 performed the best.The next batch of creatives will be built using these insights.


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Got Questions?

You definitely can. The reason our clients choose us is because:

  • We take the guess-work out of creating conversion-driven, short-form video ads.
  • They don’t have the bandwidth to create a high volume of video content in-house.
    1. We'll outperform your current short-form video CPA metrics within 90 days or we keep working at no extra cost until we do. To qualify for this guarantee your brand's monthly revenue has to be at least $50k and you must be spending or committed to spending at least $10k on paid media monthly.

    You absolutely can! We want to enable your internal team, not compete against it. You get access to all the raw files and can re-purpose them into whatever you like. No extra fees!

    Yes! We’ll find the right balance between being native to the ad platforms and keeping your brands look and feel.

    Absolutely! We want you to be fully satisfied with our work, so all of our packages have at least 4 hours of revisions included. Please note that this doesn't include re-shoots as all creative concepts will be approved in advance.